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Ritz-Carlton.JPG (58582 bytes)

The Ritz-Carlton where we stayed in San Francisco

burberry.jpg (43428 bytes)

Burberry's shop in San Francisco

San_Fran_Bay.jpg (51034 bytes)

San Francisco Bay, looking towards Golden Gate Bridge

Boat_to_Alcatraz.jpg (38544 bytes)

The boat to Alcatraz Island

bell9811.jpg (36961 bytes)

The Bellagio where we stayed in Las Vegas.  The new tower addition to Caesar's Palace can be seen on the right of the picture.

P000023725.jpg (57154 bytes)

The Bellagio fountain display.  The display took place every 15 minutes when I was there, and the fountains dance to stereo music which is pumped around the edges of the lake.


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